Welcome to the Home Building on Alberta Soils
Online Course!

This online course aims to provide you with basic information about Alberta soils and will show you the importance of proper building techniques.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Identify the basic properties of soils.
  • Recognize site conditions that require special attention.
  • Describe development requirements from the pre-development stage to post-construction.
  • Describe common causes of foundation and structural damage.
  • Identify and understand potential solutions to soil problems.
  • Describe common remediation techniques.
  • Interpret the building codes in relation to proper building techniques on soils.
  • Become familiar with legal issues surrounding residential building construction.
  • List what should be considered in the order of operations for residential development.

Audio tips and interactive learning exercises throughout the course assist in the retention of the key information.

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Shovel and dirt


The cost to take the online course and the workshop is $595(CDN) + GST per person for the first two participants per Builder Member organization*, and $495(CDN) + GST for each person thereafter. This cost includes the online course, the workshop, and shipping and handling of the certificate of completion. Credit card payments can be made online or over the phone.

*Note- in order to receive the discount for multiple registrations, each participant must be with the same Builder organization, as defined by their R#.


Once you have completed the online course, you will participate in a hands-on workshop. To complete the workshop, you will go to the Stantec Limited Materials Laboratory in Calgary or Edmonton where you will have the opportunity to apply the theory covered in the online course. Under the guidance of qualified geotechnical and materials professionals, you will classify soil samples and observe some typical laboratory tests that are done on soil. You will also view video footage of rough grading activities, compaction testing and foundation excavations. With the course instructor, you will review available plans, geotechnical reports, borehole logs and building grade forms (if available). You will also discuss geotechnical concerns identified for various construction sites and how they will be addressed.





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Home Building on Alberta Soils